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Understand the role of the first aider


  • 1.1 Identify the responsibilities of a first aider

    • 1.2 Identify the importance of protection from cross infection

    • 1.3 Identify what information needs to be included in an accident report form

    • 1.4 Legal Responsibilities

    • 1.5 The first aid Room and equipment

  • 2: Know how to assess an emergency situation and act appropriately

    • 2.1 Describe how to assess the scene of an incident for hazards

    • 2.2 Demonstrate how to perform a casualty assessment=Practical session

    • 2.3 Identify when to summon help and how to contact emergency services

  • 3: Provide first aid for an unresponsive casualty

    • 3.1 Demonstrate how to place a casualty into the recovery position & action for vomit=Practical session

    • 3.2 Medical conditions e.g. seizure, Asthma & diabetes

  • 4: Recognise the requirement for and administer Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

    • 4.1 Identify when to administer CPR

    • 4.2 Demonstrate how to administer CPR using a manikin=Practical session

  • 5: Recognise and administer first aid to a person who is choking

    • 5.1 Describe how to identify a person with:

      • • A mild airway obstruction

      • • A severe airway obstruction

    • 5.2 Demonstrate how to administer first aid to a person who is choking

  • 6: Administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded and bleeding=Practical session

    • 6.1 Demonstrate how to control severe bleeding

  • 7: Recognise and manage a casualty who is suffering from shock

    • 7.1 Identify signs and symptoms of shock

    • 7.2 Demonstrate how to manage a casualty who is suffering from shock

  • 8: Know how to provide first aid for

    • 8.1 Identify how to manage the following minor injuries:- Small cuts and grazes, Bruises Minor burns and scalds=Practical session

  • 9: SCIM – Spinal Cord Injury Management=Practical session

    • 9:1 Head and facial injuries=Practical session


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£55 Per Person / Group booking of 12 £550

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